What to do after reseting a 2000 series Omnilock

After you reset an Omnilock you will need to reprogram it. However you need to send ALL of the information instead of just the newly changed information. To do that perform the following...


  1. In the Omnilock Facility Manager software click view and choose Facility Explorer
  2. Find the lock/reader in that was reset from the list on the right column
  3. Right click the lock/reader and choose REFRESH
  4. Say yes or Ok to any popup screens
  5. Connect the pocket pc to the computer
  6. Click the Lightning Bolt icon
  7. Click on the lock/reader from the list
  8. Choose Select and the Program
  9. Walk out to the lock/reader and perform a normal sync
  10. You will need to enter 1234 or preset the "Default Programmer Card" (not your normal programmer card because the unit doesn't know who you are yet)
  11. After the pocket pc logs on the lock/reader it will ask you to select the correct name. Make sure you choose correctly. Follow the on screen directions. 
  12. After the snyc is complete return the pocket pc back to the computer, plug it in, and click the lighting bolt
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