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How to add users to the Stanley Omnilock Wireless Access Management System (WAMS). 

In the Configurator (the main program) click on the User tab and then click on Add button at the bottom of the page. There are 4 steps for adding user at this point. 

Step 1: Add a name

Step 2: Associate the user with either Readers or Groups. This is what allows users to access readers. We usually recommend not associating users directly with readers. Instead associate users through a group (or many groups) and those groups will have certain privileges to certain readers. Click the ... button to begin the association process.

Tick the boxes of the Readers or Groups in the right column and click the Add button. Readers or Groups on the left column is what that user is associated with. Click OK when finished

Step 3: Issue the user one or multiple credentials to use to access the readers. Click the ... to begin the process. All users must have at least one credential

- Keypad credentials: The system automatically generates a Keypad credential. You can change the keypad code by clicking on the ... next to the number. Enter a new code or click the Recode button on the bottom to have the system automatically generate one. Click ok when finished. If you want to delete the code you must issue another type of credential first.

- Magnetic Stripe Card credentials: Click Add button, choose Magnetic Stripe Card from the drop down menu, and then click Finish button. You can scan a card in using a encoder, reader at the door, or a USB reader. However it's much easier to type in the credential number if known into the field and click Finish button.

- Proximity Card credentials: Click Add button, choose Proximity Card from the drop down menu, and then click Finish button. You can scan a prox card using a USB reader or a reader at the door. Choose a scanning option and click Scan button. You will have 60 seconds to scan the card. Once the scan is registered the number will be populate and you can click Finish button. 

Step 4: Verify that everything is correct and click the Update button in the lower right of the screen. If you don't all the data you just entered will be lost. 
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