WAMS database backup

Full backup and restore functions are performed outside of WAMS using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express (installed with the software). You should plan to perform this function on a regular basis. You can also use this program to move the database to a different computer.

WARNING: This operation should be performed only by an IT professional who is designated as an WAMS User with Admin or Programmer privileges.

Backing Up the Database

Perform the following steps to back up the database.

1. Exit AMS/WAMS.

2. From the Windows Start menu, select Programs>Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express. The connect to Server dialog box opens.

3. Enter the Server type, Server name, and choose your Authentication type. Then, click Connect.

4. The program opens at the default database location.

5. Double-click on databases, then right-click on the WAMS folder and select tasks>Backup. The backup database dialog box opens.

6. Define a Backup Type (full or differential) and add a description of the backup (optional).

7. The default destination displays. You can change the destination, if needed, for example if you wish to move the database to a new location on a different computer.

8. Click OK. The backup progresses and the system reports when the backup is complete.

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