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Managing Application Users

 Omnilock WAMS ‘Application Users’, as opposed to ‘cardholders,’ are those individuals who will have access to one or all of software applications. Allowing them to manage the system. 

To Manage Applications Users:

  1. From the Configurator (main program), select File>Manage Application Users. The AMS or WAMS Users dialog box opens.

From here you can add or remove a WAMS User, associate them with applications and specific facilities, and configure their lock control privileges, password change interval and assign a User Type. You can select whether require authentication for reader control or require dual authority for this user.


To add a WAMS User:

  1. In the WAMS Users dialog box, click Add User. The system creates “User1” in the left column.
  2. In the Name category on the right, enter an e-mail address (optional), and the user name (this field is case sensitive).
  3. Jump down to the User Type field, select a User Type from the drop-down list. (User Types are defined in the next paragraph below. Manager is the most used.)
  4. Under Associations, click the Applications field, then click the ellipsis button at the far right. (If you choose Administrator or Manger then this will be greyed out because they automatically have access to all applications. Select which application(s) the User will have access to. Then click Finish. 
  5. Directory field is only used for very customer installations. Most installations will have nothing in this section.
  6. In the Segments field, click the ellipsis button. Select which segments the User will have access to and click Finish.
  7. Under the Configuration category, in the Allow Lock Control field, select either True or False from the drop-down list. This will allow the user to override the reader to perform certain tasks.
  8. In the Password Change Interval field, select a change interval from the drop-down list (if desired).
  9. Under the Privileges category click the ellipsis button next to Configure Application. (This is a very important step. If you don’t do this the user, even managers, won’t be able to manage the system) Click the drop down menu next to EACH row to select whether the user will have access to that feature AND then you will need to click the next drop down menu to select Read Only or Configurable. Make sure you also use the scroll bar to the right to confirm that you are viewing all rows.


  1. Click Finish to save your settings.

(Note: User’s password is ‘password’ until the first login at which time the system will prompt them to change it.)


User Types

WAMS Users can be one of four User Types: Administrator, Manager, Service, and General. You will be assigned a User Type depending on which applications you will log in to and operate.

Administrator — has access to all applications and all segments. This

User Type would be assigned to a System Administrator, that is, someone who is responsible for set up and configuration.

Manager — has access to all applications. This type would, for example, be assigned to someone responsible for adding users to the system. As an additional security measure, this type could be restricted to access specific segments only.

Service — has access to Transactions and Statistics Monitor. This User Type can also be restricted to specific segments only, if needed.

General User — has access only to the Transactions and Reports applications for specific facilities. This user type would be assigned to someone in Security for example, who will monitor daily entry and exit activity and system alarms. They cannot access the Configurator application.


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