Forced Entry and Door Open Too Long Transactions



When you get forced entry and door open too long transactions it could be a false transaction. In order to accurately detect forced entry and door open too long you would need to have a door contract and request to exit sensor installed and wired to the Omnilock. These are not standard part of the Omnilock. They are sometimes standard on WiQ models. So unless these were installed in addition to the Omnilock you will need to disable the notification. You should contact your installers to confirm where these were installed if they were do NOT disable them.

If they were installed and you are getting these then there either valid or there is a problem with the hardware. In those case contact your installer.

To disable the transactions:

  1. Open the Configurator program
  2. Click on the readers tab
  3. Click on the reader that you would like to disable the transactions on
  4. Click the … elliptic button under Transaction Settings / Masks
  5. Uncheck all marks from number 6-9
  6. Click OK

Again only do this if instructed from your installer to do so.

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