Load Firmware Into The Stanley WAMS / WiQ Database

  1. Launch the System Administrator program
  2. Click on Firmware Manager
  3. Click the  button
  4. Browse to the firmware file that needs to be added
    1. If you don’t see the file you may need to click down the drop down menu to choose Portals or Controllers (readers) 
    2. If you still don’t see it the file that you are trying to browse to might be compressed (zipped). You will need to unzip it first.
  5. Enter the firmware version in the Name and Description field
  6. Click Upload button
  7. If additional firmware needs to be uploaded repeat steps 3-6

Note: Remember that these instruction only upload the firmware file into the database not the readers/portal. You will have to take additional steps to upload the firmware which can be found in another step by step guide. 

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