Deep Reset at the Reader and other Programmer Troubleshooting

There may be times where you need to reset a reader at the door. Never perform a deep reset until you have verified that the portal gateway(s) are online. If a user is designated as a Programmer then they can perform any of the commands listed below including Deep Reset.

To perform a deep reset you will need a Programmers Code (PC). That could be any user that has the user type designated as Programmer. A lot of times system are setup with a user with the last name Programmer and first name Code. To verify look the user up under the Users tab. At the bottom of their information the use type should say Programmer. Also make a note of the user's code under the credentials section, for later use. 

It's important to note that if you perform a Deep Reset you will need to sign the reader back on. 

PC = Programmer Credential (code or card whatever they have listed)


Omnilock = Traditional Omnilocks


WAC = Single Door Controllers (SDC) or Wireless Access Controllers (WAC)…they are the same thing. It's the once that we use when we are hard wiring a traditional card reader or IRIS scanner.


WDC = Kaba's version of the Omnilock. We don't typically install them. They look much different then what you are use to so you will know.


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