Check Battery Levels in WAMS

To check the levels of the Omnilock WAMS battery levels perform the following:

  1. Open the Configurator program (the main program)
  2. Click on Applications (top left of the page) and then Statistics Monitor program
  3. Choose the correct Segment from the drop down menu (most systems only have one)
  4. Click on a folder to the left
  5. That will bring up a graph like the one below. The Supply Voltage column shows the most recent voltage level.
  6. If you want more specific detail of the voltage you can double click on the reader name
  7. On the supply voltage row will give you the recent details. Note that around 4.8 the Omnilock will stop reliably working.
  8. If you want even more historical detail you can click on the Supply Voltage row and then the ellipses button all the way to the right. Which will bring up a graph similar to below.
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