Sign on WAMS Omnilock

In order to get an Omnilock into the system or to re-add an Omnilock back into the WAMS system after a deep reset you will have to sign it on. 

  1. Make sure the portals are online
  2. Find the Sign On Credential
    1. Click on the Segment tab
    2. Scroll up to Sign On Key and make a note of the 6 digit code
    3. This is a unique number for all systems. So using the code below will NOT work. Some systems have a card/FOB instead of a code.
  3. Sign the reader on
    1. Go to the reader that you want to sign on
    2. Make sure that the reader is defaulted by entering 1234 and making sure that it unlocks and relocks. If it doesn't do not move forward. You will need to reset it. 
    3. Enter 5678 then the sign on code
    4. The lights should go back and forth between green and red. But should finish with green-green-green-red. This indicates a good sign on. 
      1. If you can try again
    5. Now the reader should be in the system.
      1. If the reader was previously in the system it will start automatically downloading it's information again
      2. If the reader is new to the system it will show up in the New Facility Items when you can begin the drop in process 
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